Dhoop Bane Hum Lyrics – Blackboard Vs Whiteboard

Dhoop Bane Hum Lyrics by Blackboard Vs Whiteboard. The master art script movie Blackboard Vs Whiteboard relessing the latest song “Dhoop Bane Hum” in the voice of Amit Mutreja. The song is given by Jayant Aryan and verse by Roop.

Dhoop Bane Hum Lyrics –  Amit Mutreja

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Song Name – Dhoop Bane Hum
Movie – Blackboard Vs Whiteboard
Singer – Amit Mutreja
Verse – Roop
Music – Jayant Aryan
Directed by Tarun Bisht
Music Label by Zee Music Company

Dhoop Bane Hum Official Music Video

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