baby i can make bedrock
he is so hot
apathy make bed star
do it then Houston
they here wall in bed star
all y’all so me
baby cadillac
new trap new close new time new watch
two hoes let in go
they care come pretty mo
damn niggaz go started live
tell you let very hard
let you nigga it’s you would
you can be is carry y’all
now she got it y’all to
tell me to play a lie
come to fuck a rock the world
like stay bra
carry lou get in car
fucki’n i’ma stay top
all heard is Bangz so is Bangz do in cardilac
new ain’t then pussy ain’t I see filch the track open your legs grammy head my take it duff
right be two those make be come i’am come leave
You know I like to joke and laugh
ruff sex choke yo ass
to yo back
in saw the pass i’am the porno back
carry like love see me about on your like
we my system come on my ride on shawty swag get in story swag pull in me sports elimination Jersey number 1609
be with me crazy time i’am tv men be if yo ass stay you sippin line
i just wanna get behind like i’m line password
she be yo job yeah he she make ass work
to wakes grammy yeah i love meant work
bowl to stunk way to smoke i’m one bed trunk
niggaz so hot a speed loud a’int see work
h-town nigga good bitches and new hamster
bitch i’m would is hoes
i’m would is hoes3x
and nigga I’ll for your bitch
and your girlfriend and on i’ma shit
and by men she by i look my dick
but ain’t trippin and your i’ma dick cuz i’ma on your shit hahaha
i’m would her
i’m would her
i’m would her is4x
i’m can make bedrock
i’m can make bedrock
for yo bitch

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