Don Quixote Lyrics-Cherry Poppin’ Daddies Lyrics-

Honor was not just a word
To knights of old who pledged their faith
In love over gold, love over gold.
Now they laughed at his fantasy world
And maximized all the potentials to earn The middle class was too blind to see
The true nobility of Don Quixote.
Oh, Don Quixote fight your way into their hearts
Commit your hearts all
How unreal are the dragons he slays
Is his coat of arms just an empty clich?
Colossal ignorance shared by the crowd
The brainless bigots cast an inhuman shroud
Many hearts and minds are going to waste
Liberal philosophies you wear like your clothes
The modern hypocrite he don’t even know
Who could be proud of this blank generation
Who could be proud of you blank
Sit there, sit there watching
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