“Don’t push the Mario man!”

[Styles P]
(In my hood) E’rybody sayin fuck 50 (fuck him)
That he don’t really want a buck fifty (uh-uh)
Listen dawg, Banks ain’t shit and Buck ain’t shit (they ain’t shit)
By the way, as usual, suck my dick
And the other nigga ain’t worth nuttin (uh-uh)
He ain’t worth shootin, ain’t worth countin to mention a nigga
Catch 50 in the hood, we lynchin a nigga
Heard Boy Wonder gay as a bird
Did a porno with a man, nigga stay off the curb
And by the way, I don’t wanna fuckin hammer you niggaz
I know James Cruz a rat and that’s your manager nigga
And birds of a feather, flock together
Fly South for the winter get shot together (boom)
It’s a God damn shame what it’s come to
Got a bullet in his jaw guess 50 want, one in his tongue too
But I ain’t tryin to fuck with the Rat Unit
Made 50 million, spent about ten on police
And I ain’t got that much but I can chill on the streets
And I ain’t tryin to get in the mood (uh-uh)
Who you tryin to fake out, when the only thing you take out is food
Nigga better look at your zip code
I’ll be in New York when I’m spittin that shit bro
I ain’t got a problem with lettin the fifth go
Your men look like bitches, tell them niggaz start lettin your dick go
You don’t really want it with Ghost
Your money long but my shit still stronger than dope, motherfucker

Cowards, whattup nigga? (Yeah)
How could you talk shit with police with you? (How?)
Let’s be serious
Fall back nigga (fall back)
I mean you sold ten million, you did it baby
Fall back (word)
This is real niggaz nigga
Ain’t no police over here nigga
You must be fuckin sniffin coke in that mansion, fake-ass Scarface
You shoulda tried to fuck with us, idiot
Time is money
Since you got so much money nigga
Cop a million of my shits, and learn somethin
Learn how to rap motherfucker, ONE

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