Rub It In Lyrics—Jack Jersey & The Jordanaires Lyrics—

Well, lie beside me on the sand
And put some lotion in your hand
Come on an make me feel nice, kiss me once or twice
Say you love me again
And rub it in, rub it in
Rub it in, rub it in
I feel the fire begin,
you’re gettin’ under my skin
Rub it in, rub it in
Feels good, baby
Just put a little bit on my right shoulder
Mmm, that’s nice
Let me hold your hand and put a little bit right on here
Turn your radio on
And find a slow groovin’ song
Baby, whisper in my ear, say the words I wanna hear
Make me know your love is strong
Put a little on my nose, yeah
Put a little on my toes, yeah
Put it on my back, on my sacroilliac
And a dab on my chinny-chin-chin
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RUB IT IN Lyrics—,

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