Wildest Dreams Lyrics—Mat Sinner Lyrics—

So you thing, less device keeps you safe
But lightning might strike twice
It could change your life overnight
Into the fire, out of the dark
You’re like the gasoline and she’s the spark
Just how long can one heart act tough
Easy come ain’t always easy go
When her lovin’ expires
It might cut you to the heart
Now you’re standing in her line of fire
In her wildest dreams
She gets everything her heart desires
Easier as it seems, wildest dreams
Some dark edge of the heart
Told you words that tore your world apart
Silouhettes fading into the past
So put your money on the same plane
Scratch ‘I love you’ in her windowpane
A Romeo in the Juliet train
Have you heard she broke a hundred hearts
When her lovin’ expires
You’re number one, oh, one
You’re stranded on the lonely shoreline
Tossed upon the sand
As she makes and breaks her promises
You’ll never understand her wildest dreams
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