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I’m feeling what I want to feel
I’m saying what I’ve said all along
Because I know the things that are important to me
Because life is too short to be long
And those thoughts
That I’ve kept inside
With those words
That I could not hide
Before those times that always remind me
That all I ever did was try
So change your tune one step to make a stand
I want to speak my mind start my own african tribe
Now run into the deepest pile of s***
‘Cause that’s where I’m going to blend in….go!
Those choices that I’ve never made
With those decisions that once cut me a break
‘Cause after all what’s left in the end
There’s somethings that they just can’t take
So take a bow
Well you’re not that great
Go pat your back
Go off and m*********
‘Cause one thing that you know for sure
Your hand is not a lonesome date
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